So why not blog?

I’ve always enjoyed writing.

I like to write poetry, book reviews and random musings.

I also love to create; sketch, paint, photograph and make rocket ships out of juice bottles… the usual stuff.

So it seems about time I throw all of that together into one place and focus my creative energies on that.

So why not blog?

I was first introduced to blogging (although I vaguely knew the concept of it) by the movie Julie and Julia. I was struck by the way the blog motivated Julie to cook her way through all those recipes with no promise of anything in return.

Clever I thought.

I shared the movie with my Mum, who went straight home and started her own quite successful book review and general book book ramble blog
And although I am a reader, I’m not as dedicated as I once was, so a dedicated book blog is definitely not for me. I love movies but these days, they are more often than not watched with 15 pauses, 5 rewinds, 2 kids on my lap, a glimpse of the credits and the realisation I missed the crucial last few minutes of the movie…..

So what am I good at? Well like most mothers I’d like to say. “Being a Parent” “Being a Mother” “I do absolutely everything right when it comes to raising my children” But that… is probably not very true and not a good way to start a blog. My 3 yr old son has been addicted to tv (starting with The Wiggles) from 1 year old. He can work his way around an iPod touch, and although 50% of the games are highly educational… alas that means that 50% probably are not. My 6 month old will probably know the names of the Ninja Turtles before he can say his ABC’s and my 13 and 11 year old stepsons will continue to question why I don’t believe in god, rather than discover why I believe in them.

What I will say is – I am a passionate parent. A loving mother. Nothing makes me happier than when my children or stepchildren achieve something that they have been working towards. Like a minute ago while typing this blog, My 3 year old son, who has had some hearing and speech issues said “Mum, look, my Spiderman costume! I Bound it… I bound it in the dressing up box.” And when I said “Yes, look what you FFffff ound in the dressing up box! That’s fffantastic!” He actually made the effort to construct that FFfff sound with the OUND and finally pronounced an F word! BRILLIANT!!! I digress…

So perhaps what I can write about is being an average Mum who tries her hardest with her boys every day.

We’ll get up to lots of things I promise!

I’m sure we’ll invent a recipe or two, talk about books from José Saramago (who I’m currently reading) to Dr Suess (My kids’ eternal fav), We’ll make a ton of crafty projects and go crazy with Instagram iPod pics. I’ll probably throw in a poem every now and then too.

So … I hope you enjoy the ride. A Wife, Mother and Stepmother… plodding along through life completely outnumbered by males!

My very favourite pictures of the 4 little men in my life.


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