The first thing that you realise when you have children is that the world is full of firsts.

I remember the first time I felt both of my children move in my belly. The first conversation I had with my stepkids.

The first time I locked eyes with my son, Jayden after he was born.

The awe, love, joy, amazement and elation I felt from creating this perfect little creature.

The first time I locked eyes with my son Taj. The pure relief I felt that he was actually alive and breathing overwhelmed me and any other feelings I should have had.

First words, steps, holidays, the first time they sleep through the night and the first time they use a toilet.

Today was Taj’s first trip to the beach. It wasn’t particularly warm, and the beach wasn’t calling for us to visit. I just decided that rather than sit inside, everyone doing their own thing in separate parts of the house that we would all participate in the littlest member of the families latest first.

Like everything with a family of 6 it was quite a production. Taj woke up and had to be fed, Jayden had to get his beach gear on (Jayden it will be very cold – No Mummy it will be nice and warmmm!!) and The older boys and my husband had to be convinced to switch of the Playstation and brave the rays of the sun for an hour or so.

Eventually bags were packed, shoes were put on, last toilet calls were followed (honestly … why can boys not think this simple thought? “We are leaving the house. Do I need to go to the toilet? Yes… or no?”) and finally fit all 4 kids into the 7 seater car that I am constantly thankful for purchasing back, when we were only a family of 5, and not really considering the little lad in the back seat.

Sure it was windy at the beach, the water was ice-cold and the sand had a lace skirt of seaweed, but honestly, so what?

Josh helped Jayden to find some sea shells. Sam got soaking wet trying to do, god knows what in the sand and Jon took Taj down and dipped those tiny toes into the water.

He didn’t cry, he just sat there, looked absolutely appalled at the waves numbing those little toes.

Then we wrapped him up like the little bundle that he is and watched his brothers hunt the shoreline for any shell bigger than a fingernail.

Sometimes it’s too easy to forget the small things. I can’t remember the last time we all were like that. No phones to answer, no dinner to cook, no computer screens, no deadline to have the boys home by. Just the 6 of us at, the sand and the water.

There will be many more firsts for Taj. His first Wiggles concert is next weekend, his first plane trip in only 2 weeks and I’m sure that the first tooth is just around the corner, but there was something really nice about his first trip to the beach.

Being all together.

Being a family.

Being HIS family.


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