Getting my son Jay to eat has always been a battle. The day he realized that sandwiches existed it’s been difficult to feed him anything else.

He’s 3 and a half and his dinners are generally pasta. Lasagna, bolognaise, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, cheese and vegetable ravioli etc. He does like curried sausages and a creamy thai chicken I make, butter chicken all with rice but put a piece of broccoli on his plate and he will refuse it. Pea in his dinner – he’ll gag!

He ABSOLUTELY refuses fruit. He hasn’t eating anything apart from 1 banana when he was 18 months old or so. It’s not that I don’t eat fruit. I do all the time! Originally it was a textural sort if thing I thought he’d outgrow, but it’s still well and truly present.

I manage to make his dinners healthy with “hidden veg”. My lasagna has roasted pumpkin pieces and grated sweet potato, zucchini, carrot and mushroom through the sauce. Pureed sweet potato makes cheesy mac nice and orange, and my spinach and ricotta cannelloni has a rich hidden veg sauce.

He is much harder to fool with fruit! I have tried fruit kebabs, frozen pureed fruit icy poles, pureed apple containers (one or 2 mouthfuls might have gotten in when he was around 1), dipping pieces in yoghurt or dips … I’ve tried bribing him, forcing him (only once or twice) and leaving it lying around to see if he’ll just pick it up… NOTHING

When Taj was born I had high hopes of using him to set a good example to Jayden and it appears to be working!

When I feed Taj I always tell Jayden what he’s eating. Vegetables or fruit and that’s why Taj is growing big and strong. Sometimes I ask Jayden if he wants some but other times I just tell Taj how lucky he is to get such yummy dinners.

Today Jayden was playing with his stuffed spiderman like a baby. Spiderman got very sad, and I was told he needed some “noodles and vegetables.” Jayden set up a high chair and got a spoon and bowl. I had been intending to heat up Jayden’s dinner of Spag Bol to share with Taj but instead I put some pureed Banana, Pear and Mango I had in the fridge in a baby bowl. Spiderman had a taste, Mummy had a taste … Then Jayden sat down and tasted… 5 minutes later he was asking for more. He could see how excited I was and he got really excited too. He ended up eating the whole lot 1/2 a cup or so I guess.

I told him how proud I was. He told me that he is going to grow big and strong now – then we called his Daddy. “I ate fruit!!!”

To so many people that wouldn’t be worth talking about I’m sure. But I try to celebrate all of his achievements and for us, this was quite a good one!


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