Our “Wiggly” day

There are a few things that I love about the innocence of childhood.

I love their lack of inhibitions. Sense of humour. Abundance of energy.

I love their reasoning too. When my son was about 2 and a half.  He asked to watch Mickey Mouse on TV. I said “no, it’s too early.” He went into his toy room and dug out his toy hammer. Over the banging he shouted ‘Mummy, is this a bit noisy?’ I said that it was and he came back with “Maybe, Mickey Mouse, would make the noisy go away?”  I let him watch it… I couldn’t argue with that reasoning.

I also love the simplicity of the things they love…

Enter “The Wiggles” For those of you who don’t know the Wiggles (if that’s possible) They are 4 Aussie blokes with a background in early childhood development and music. One day they decided to put the two together and create some decent music for kids. A little while later they each donned coloured skivvies and The Wiggles as we know them were born.

I’ve been a big fan of The Wiggles since my sister was 2 and started watching them. Lets face it, the songs are catchy and the characters are cute…. and Anthony (The blue wiggle) gets more and more gorgeous as he gets older.

When my son Jayden was 1 his Nana bought him some Play School and Wiggles DVD’s and he was hooked.

Being a very musical baby he would dance and sing along to every song. The songs definitely had education value and instilled different values. Healthy Eating, Sharing, Friendship etc.

I’m not saying I ALWAYS loved them. There were days when I just could not listen to the same DVD again, but lucky for me they had quite a big back catalogue by the time my kids were watching so I could rotate them around.

When Jay was 17 months old my Husband bought us a ticket to England (return – he does actually love me) so we could go with my Mum to visit our family. As luck would have it, The Dorothy the Dinosaur show was touring the UK so I bought tickets to see her in Torquay. Jayden, his Mum, his Nana and his Great-Grandma all went. We had an absolutely brilliant time, and it was a real bonding moment for the 4 generations of family to enjoy something like this together. The pure delight on his little face when Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog were on stage was just beautiful. He danced to the songs, and asked desperately if he could give Dorothy a cuddle. The show was beautiful, there were no double entendres, it was purely about the kids. As it should be.

They were a huge part of his world as he was growing up. If I asked him for the purple pen when he was learning his colours, not a lot would happen, but if I said to him “Which ones like Jeff?” I’d have purple in my hand in a flash. He could find the one Wiggles card in the News Agency and knew the difference between Greg and Sam the Yellow Wiggle who replaced Greg when he got sick.

When Jayden was 2 years old The Wiggles toured Perth, we went to see them and again my little Wiggle had a fantastic time. When he was 2 and a half we went to visit Jayden’s Nana in Queensland and took a trip to Dreamworld. In a little space at the back of the Theme Park, Jayden found his own personal slice of heaven. He stood at the gate where the Big Red Car ride was yet to open for 20 minutes. He refused to move! We were the first on the ride that day that takes you through the Wiggles House. The Wiggles talk to you via the TV screen, All the characters are seen and you get a photo of you driving and singing in the Big Red Car… That look on his face is why I love being a Mummy. He was beside himself with excitement and joy.  He also met all the characters and had his photo taken with them. He hugged Dorothy (finally) and Henry the Octopus, had a good old chat with Captain Feathersword, and sat down on a bench for a cuddle with Wags the Dog.

This year the Wiggles have been together 20 years and yesterday I went to my first Wiggles concert with both my boys.

Jayden and I had made a birthday sign for them the day before and picked Dorothy some roses that morning. Jayden’s sign even got pointed out by The Wiggles and Sam came out to collect the roses and told Jayden how great he looked in his Murray shirt.

"Look at that fantastic sign out there!"

So I’d just like to say Happy Birthday to the Wiggles. I’m constantly impressed with their ability to interact and captivate such a young audience. Some of my favourite times I’ve spent with my beautiful boy has had a Wiggly flavour to it. We had a great time cutting out Wiggles pictures to stick on our birthday sign. We love doing the activities in The Wiggles magazines together and there is always a Wiggles CD in our car. Thanks for being such great entertainers Wiggles and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to doing it all over again in a year or so with Bubba Taj.


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