I don’t know how

My world has turned upside down

and I don’t know how to right it.

A candle blown out inside my heart

And I’ve no match to light it.

There’s an all consuming anger

Yet I have no strength to fight it

A sadness and pain so intense

There can be nothing like it,

I’m sure you would have told me that

My life must still go on

I acknowledge in my heart

I can not keep this up for long

There are meals to cook,

A house to clean

And children who need cuddles

There is a man to love

A job to do,

And I’m here crying puddles

How do I say goodbye

When I have loved you for so long

I hugged you a few short weeks ago

I can’t believe that you are gone

Though there is a grief inside my heart

I have no will to smite it

It reminds me how much I loved you

It would be so wrong to hide it


3 thoughts on “I don’t know how

  1. Tanya, that’s so beautiful and heartfelt. I really feel for you. There’s no end to your talent, write if it helps ! I know it’s corny but it’s true that time heals. It will take time though, I know it’s hurting so much right now, stay strong for the people who love and need you.
    Love xxx

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