I don’t know when I realised how much you mean to me.

Years ago, when I was small. A long time ago it seems to me.

And how funny that when we were 5 we had to live a world apart.

Seems so unlikely we’d stay close but in our story that’s just the start.

As soon as we could write and read we wrote letters from then on,

And dyslexia be damned because you replied to every one.

Over the years the fun filled letters of our teens turned to emails and FaceTime in our much mellower 20’s

Never going too long without a word however short and sweet.

Taking time to write the big catch ups that would go on for sheets and sheets.

From Big Brother to big break ups, from family to friends.

You kept me up to date with everything. Your friends have become my friends.

We used to talk of time travel, worm holes and teleportation.

We always had a hard time with the idea of “gods creation”

And if we could teleport. All the things that we could see!!

Though to be fair we mostly dreamed of sharing pots of tea!

You were the kindest and the sweetest and the most thoughtful person I know.

You were the strongest and the bravest and someone I’m glad my boys could know.

When they finally got to meet you, “The one who buys the cool toys” “Auntie Hollie who loves Minecraft” you didn’t disappoint.

Those first few hours at your mum’s Are some of the happiest I’ve known.

Knowing NOW they all understood Why for you, we HAD to go.

To be there at your wedding

To see you dress with a nervous smile

Hear you cackle during the speeches I’d have travelled many more miles

But Holls it’s only a few weeks later

And now we must be brave

Living our lives with the courage

That you showed us every day.

Your heart was just so tired It deserved a tantrum too

It had a pretty crappy run

And, my dear, so had you

So rest forever sweet Holls

I’m so glad you fought so long

Our hearts are full of memories

That will help us all go on.