Baby Taj (Poem)

Tiny baby with eyes so bright
Looks up at his mother with all his might
He doesn’t know the word mother
Or the power it brings
But the feeling of love spreads throughout both their beings.

Handsome boy listens to words gentle and true
Many repetitions of “I love you”
and no matter what happens for the rest of the day
their bond has been strengthened a little more in this way

Gorgeous infant feeds from her chest
commanding attention with each little breath
It will help him grow strong and healthy and fast but the memories of this vulnerable time will last.

Little bundle all wrapped for bed. Not up for long before he wants to rest his head.
A kiss on each cheek and he’s tucked back in.
Another rest and again the cycle begins.

Tiny baby, sleep well little one.
While you do I might just watch on.



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