Jayden (Poem)

I look at you my darling boy,
And I am so very proud;
Of all that you can be, all that you will be And all that you are now.

Of the way that you say “Mummy”
And the the twinkle in your eye
And the cheekiness that plagues me
When it is time to say goodnight

Proud of the smile on your face
And the smile you put on mine
And the smile you put on strangers’ faces That makes them say “he’s just Divine”

I’m so proud of your character
And the things that you’ve taught me

Mummy is so much more patient now Than I ever used to be!

Proud of all your milestones
As you strive and then achieve
I know you are capable
Of more than I can believe

And so my darling Jayden
Although you are just 2
You have changed my life in many ways

Changed everything I do

And through every day in, in every way
In everything you do,
I will be proud of you forever
Proud that you are you!


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