Pregnancy (Poem)

How you feeling? People ask.


They smile and laugh

But there’ s a few things I’d REALLY like to say!

I’m the size of a whale

with the energy of a snail

and my legs cramp up

at least two times a night

I’m tired beyond belief

and my feet need some relief

from the extra weight

I make them shift every day

I sleep at every chance

against my bladders resistance

and when I roll over

my breasts get in the way

And all the stories I have heard

About the miracle of birth

Seem to have neglected

A few important things

10-12 hrs the midwife says

And the class all nod their heads

But I’m sure that none of us

Yet understand

In eleven weeks or so

When I feel my waters go

I’ll be finding out

The things they never said

If I’m ever asked for truth

by some curious or pregnant youth

I’d like to think I’d be honest

and tell it like it is

Morning sickness is ALL day

And it might never go away

and that’s just the beginning

of the myths

You’ll put weight on your thighs

Get puffy round the eyes

and NO your breasts

will NEVER look the same

Your feet will throb and ache

and you’ll feel like you can’t take

one more person saying


But I’m sure that very soon

I too will bend the truth

and only say

the nice things that occour

For at the end of the day

there’s no other way

to bring a baby

into the world.

And I’ll treasure every minute

because I’m privileged to live it

and I can’t wait

to meet this little person we’ve create


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